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Looking at the factors that affect behaviour one by one


Strengths of reductionist 1

A strength is that it isolates behaviour down to one variable. This helps to study the impact of specific factors on behaviour in a scientific way to establish cause and effect relationships -practical applications


Strengths of reductionist 2

By breaking down behaviour into its components and seeing specific causes of behaviour, we are able to gain practical applications for behavioural problems - as we can treat the one cause of behaviour


Weaknesses of reductionist 1

However, a limitation of taking a reductionist approach is that it oversimplifies issues. It does not take into account the complexity of human behaviour and the interaction of contributing factors, simply focusing on one - usefulness


Weakness of reductionist 2

May limit the effectiveness of practical applications as treatments based on the findings of such studies will only focus on one potential cause. As such, they may not work for everyone.



Looks at the person as a whole and takes into consideration all the complex factors.