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Nature as this area suggests that some behaviour develops courtesy of innate factors.

Nurture as the area suggests that some behaviour develops through environmental processes. E.g. Chaney showed that compliance rates to medication can be improved via operant conditioning


Free will/Determinism

Deterministic as the developmental area suggests that behaviour is affected by biological and environmental factors that often are beyond our control. E.g Bandura, children did not choose which role model they saw but it did affect their behaviour.



Holism as the area suggests that env and bio affect behaviour. E.g Bandura showed boys (bio) were more aggressive, as were those who saw agg role model (env)



Individual as the area suggests that some behaviours are driven by biological factors. E.g. In bandura, boys were more aggressive than girls which could be biological.

Situational as the area suggests that some behaviours develop as a result of environmental factors. E.g Bandura showed that aggression in children developed after they were exposed to an aggressive role model


To psychology in the form of improved knowledge

The area suggests that poor behaviour might be the result of biological dysfunctions and/or negative influences. Aggression could be the result of imitation as Bandura showed that aggression can be the result of role modelling.


To society in the form of practical applications

Age ratings on films and games may prevent young children from seeing and copying inappropriate behaviours. Reward behaviours that you want to see.



The area can risk ethical breaches when looking at how environments affect people. This is because it may be necessary to expose people to negative environments to see the effects,. e.g. bandura exposed children to aggression that affected their behaviour.

Research tends to focus on children which raises ethical issues


Social Sensitivity

Implications for society: The area suggests that behaviour is governed by biological and environmental factors that are often deterministic. E.g. Bandura's study seems to suggest that aggressive behaviour is learned, it could be wrongly interpreted as providing a possible 'excuse' for people engaging in anti-social, aggressive behaviour.



Using lab experiments to see how environments affect behaviour. E.g. Bandura
IV model and gender
DV behaviour of child
EV's matched p's, no researcher.


Not scientific

When using subjective methods such as self reports e.g. Chaney asked people about compliance rates to medication but we can't be sure that they were truthful.