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Strengths of viewing psychology as a science 1

P) Adds credibility to psychology's claim to be a scientific discipline.


C) This scientific credibility may enhance to reputation of the subject and lead to more funding for psychological research to allow us to increase our academic knowledge


Strengths of viewing psycho as a science 2

P) We can have faith in the validity of the findings as they were obtained via scientific methods.

E)Loftus and Palmer

C)This is useful to psychology as it means that we are a greater level of understanding about the behaviour being studies, as we can form valid conclusions which in turn could create practical applications


Weaknesses of viewing psychology as a science

P) Study C&E requires controlled conditions which necessitates the use of lab experiments which lack ecological validity

E) Loftus and Palmer

C) This means that any scientifically obtained results may not be generalise to behaviour in natural setiings


Weakness of viewing psych as a science 2

P)Scientific method do not all for the gathering of qualitative data that , whilst not objective, provides insight into the reasons for behaviour

E) Grant

C) This disregard for subjective data means that scientific research will not account for the attitudes, opinions and beliefs that often motivate people to act - this could limit usefulness


Strengths of not viewing psych as a science

P) Research can be done in a setting that is ecologically valid as can make use of naturally occurring situations

C) Easier to generalise results to real life and gain insight to how people respond


Strengths of not viewing psych as a science2

P) Allows for the gathering of subjective data as we can ask for opinions and attitudes

C) We gain insight into the reasons why behaviour may occur which is useful if we want to understand and develop practical applications


Weaknesses of not viewing psych as a science

P) Findings may not be valid if collected through bias or subjective methods

C) Less useful if insight is not accurate then we don't get to understand true reasons for behaviours - cannot form valid conclusions.


Weaknesses of not viewing psych as a science 2

P) May be seen as less credible subject is non-scientific methods are use

C)Less funding if the reputation is less credible in comparison to other scientific disciplines - limiting our understanding or academic knowledge.