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What do academic journals have and what process do they use?

β†’ Editor who is a distinguished researcher
β†’ Use refereeing


What does the academic journal send your research paper to?

β†’ 2 or more independent referees


What do referees check?

β†’ No experimental mistakes
β†’ Proper controls have been done
β†’ Results are correctly described
β†’ Conclusions reflect the evidence


What does certainty come from?

β†’ putting many pieces of evidence together


What is a review article?

β†’ An expert describes their current understanding of the field with reference to the primary research paper


When you start to study a specialized research area what 2 things do you use?

β†’ Review articles to get a solid overview
β†’ Individual research papers to weigh the evidence


Why do you reference?

β†’ give credit
β†’ Avoid plaigiarism
β†’ show where information came from
β†’ Allow readers to check if information is reliable
β†’ tell readers where to find more


What do you not need to reference?

β†’ Common knowledge
β†’ eg DNA is genetic material in humans