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What is rehabilitation medicine

physiotherapy (physical therapy in vet med)

laser therapy






when & why is physical therapy used

after an injury or limitation on the animal (such as sx) to help recover full usage of affected area as well as alleviate inflammation, pain & scar tissue formation


Post op rehab is important T or F



What are core strenght exercises/proprioception for equines & canines

Equine: usuall baited stretches or passive RoM movements

Canine: trained to stand on variety of surfaces using food rewards


Whare are both core strength & proprioceptive exercises important when rehabing from injury

engages atrophied muscles & recruit the muscles to work appropriately again


what can be used for equine proprioception exercises

ground poles


what else an be used in all spp to encourage larger range of motion

weighted devices


Can hydrotherapy be used in cats



what are the goals of hydrotherapy

adds resistance w/o adding load on joints

in equine & canine good recovery from tendon issues (e.g. suspensory injury in horses)

post op orthopedic recovery because of bouyancy (e.g. TPLO, FHO)

obese pts. provides muscular workout w/o joint strain


Do you need an expensive hydrotherapy unit for hydrotherapy?

No any body of water large enough for pt will do!


what can massage therapy do

works on musculoskeletal system

use on any species

assist with tension, stimulates blood flow, improves lymphatic drainage


what is a goniometer

measures increase or decrease in angle of joint


what is a flexible arch

measures muscle atrophy or asymmetry


what does a TENS machine do

electrical stim of muscles

aids in nerve regeneration

allows positive contraction of muscles to prevent atrophy

temporary analgesia via "gate theory"



what is gate theory

gate control theory  of pain:

non-painful input closes the gates to painful input which prevents pain senastion from traveling to CNS


what is laser therapy


intense beams of light of specific wavelengths to help reduce pain

LASER: Light Ampllcation by Stimulated Emission of Radiation


Are there different uses for lasers






What are the 2 common classes of lasers used in vet med

Class IIIB

Class IV


what are some effects of lasers

Reduced therapy time – quicken the reproduction of cells and their growth.
Safely treat pain – influences and increases the metabolic activity of the cells.
Effective for pain relief – reduces swelling from bruising or inflammation.
Helps to increase circulation to damaged cell sites.
Minimizes scar formation from surgery, cuts, burns, etc.


difference between Class IIIB & IV lasers

Class IIIB – can be held right up against the skin without risk of

Class IIIB laser – longer treatment times (more time consuming)
Class IV laser - must always be in motion to avoid overheating of tissues.



how do you know how to use a laser

Some lasers are “point and shoot” using a set template. Others
have a techniques chart
K Laser (brand) – has an easy to follow chart for lasering different structures.


what are the effects of laser on scar tissue

laser is instrumental in laying down the scar tissue in such a way as to reduce adhesions, allow greater flexibility, and
provide a smoother flatter scar.
Time period for this is 10 days to 6 months. After 6 months, the scar tissue is too well formed to be restructured or influenced.
After 30 days, laser can be used in combination with ultrasound and
massage friction therapy to have moderate success restructuring the scar tissue.


how does ultrasound therapy work

ultrasound waves act as a deep tissue heating agent and can penetrate as deep as 5 cm into underlying tissues without excessive heating of the skin.
Therapeutic ultrasound is beneficial to animals with decreased joint mobility, muscle soreness and tightness, calcium deposits, hematomas, arthritis, tendon and ligament inflammation, and excessive scar tissue.
Use sparingly – can only use once a week, as opposed to the laser, which can be used daily in some cases.


disadvantages of ultrasound

Labour intense – can only work small areas at a time
Need LOTS of ultrasound gel
Excess fur can hinder the penetration of the sound waves
Clients may not want patches shaved into their animal to allow treatment
The crystal is delicate and can be damaged easily
Probes needed are 1 mHz and 3 mHz
Cost usually $1000 – 2000 for a good one.


What about acupuncture & chiropractic

both have been scientifically proven to increase flexibility, improve posture, reduce pain & stiffness


Most pt tolerate acupuncture extremely well T or F



what is chiropractic used for

Treatment of joint dysfunction
Repetitive use (such as riding) or compensation for a limb injury can throw the joints of the body out of alignment
Chiropractic medicine aims to restore joint flexibility, motion, and correct imbalances or “subluxations”


What is kenesiotaping

new modality

Kinesiotape provides stability and support to muscles, tendons, and joints without restricting mobility.
Different strengths and brands (K Tape, Rock Tape)


what is the organization that involves vet rehab medicine

International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and
Physical Therapists. (IAVRPT)