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Who was Pope Pius?

-Established Vatican 1
-Said Pope was infallible


Who was Pope John-Paul?

-established Vatican 2
-made the church mor excessible


What was Mosaic Law?

-Laws of Moses
-the first Christians said if you did not follow Mosaic Law or if you weren't a Jew, You would not be saved by God
-Gentiles could not be jews if they did not follow Mosaic Law


What is a Presbyter?

-leaders of the early chruch


what does catholic mean?

-Peter decided Gentiles could join the church


What is the Prayer of Intercession?

-prayer for a specific need or person


What was the Council of Jerusalem

-decided it was okay for Gentiles to join the Church


Jews and Negesti arguments

-Jews would disagree with Negesti because they would like things in the church to be very formal like they only believed you could be Jew if you followed the old, Mosaic Law
-Nagesti was from Nigeria and was used to that kind of church music


Who was Saul/Paul?

-Saul was a prosecutor of Christians
-God came to him, blinded him, and said, "Why are you persecuting me?"
-This convinced Saul to convert to Catholicism and became Paul


What was the Syllabus of errors?

-a book that Pope Pius made that stated all the errors of the modern church