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Why do Christians use the Bible to make moral decisions? 4 marks

1. It contains the teachings of Jesus (telling Christians how to live)
2. It contains teachings from the early church
3. The Bible contains the 10 commandments
4. The disciples wrote the bible


Give three different attitudes to using the Bible to make moral decisions

1. Some believe as its the Bible it's word is final
2. Some say it needs interpreting by the Church
3. Some think it needs to be updated to fit today's society


Give 3 ways in which the church helps people to make moral decisions?

1. Listening to the vicar/priest
2. Prayer
3. Speaking to other Christians


For what type of Christian is the Church the final authority?

Roman Catholics


What do Christians think about conscience?

It is a way of God telling them what to do and they should follow it.


What is situation ethics?

The idea that you should do the most loving thing in any given situation


Define Human rights

The basic rights every human is entitled to


Why are human rights important to Christians? (4 marks)

It contains the right to religious freedom (1 mark)

Christians believe everyone is made in the image of God so all should have the same rights (1 mark)

Freedom of thought and expression allows them to practise their religion (1 mark)

The right to life agrees with the sanctity of life (1 mark)


Why might human rights be a problem for Christians (4 marks)

Most Christians are against the right to form civil partnership as it allows homosexuality (1 mark)

Some Christians do not agree with interfaith marriage (1 mark)

Some believe that homosexuals should not raise a family (1 mark)

Human rights contradicts traditional views in church such as men doing most roles (1 mark)


Define democratic processes

Citizens taking part in government


Define electoral processes

How voting is organised


Define political party

A group that tries to be elected into power for its policies


Define pressure group

A group made to influence government policy


Define the Golden rule

The teaching of Jesus that says love others as you would like to be loved


Define social change

The way that society has changed and is changing


Define genetic engineering

The deliberate modification of an organism by changing it's DNA


Give three arguments supporting genetic engineering

1. Can cure diseases
2. It is being done in different countries
3 It's closely monitored by the law


Give three arguments against genetic engineering

1. Not enough info about the long term effects
2. It has irreversible effects
3. If the wrong person carries it out it could go wrong


Give an argument supporting genetic engineering for Christians

1. Jesus was a healer and would want others to heal


Give two reasons why Christians don't support genetic engineering?

1. They believe it's playing God
2. They don't trust it


Give two reasons why Muslims are against genetic engineering?

1. They believe scientists are trying to create life and replace God
2. They belief that DNA comes from God only