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What date did the Americans drop an atom bomb?

6th August 1945


Where did they drop the atomic bomb?



Define pacifism

Refusing to fight in wars, for the first 300 years of Christianity people refused to fight in wars


What are four reasons for Christian pacifism?

1. Bad things happens to civilians in wars
2. The ten commandments ban killing
3. They belief peace will only come if people refuse to fight in wars.
4. Jesus taught about loving your enemies


Give three examples of religious organisations that try to promote world peace

Any three:

- Pax Christi
- Muslim peace fellowship
- Jewish peace fellowship
- Mahatma Ghandi centre for global non violence
- Sikh Khudai Khidmatgar


Give three ways religious organisations work for world peace.

- Public debates
- Making public statements
- Attending interfaith conferences
- Working for economic justice and global recognition of human rights


Give four reasons why wars occur

- Religious differences
- Nationalism/ethnicity
- Economics
- Political/ideological differences


Define aggression

Attacking without being provoked


Define exploitation

Taking advantages over a weaker group


What is the only war Christians are prepared to fight?

A just war


Give four things that were in St Thomas's criteria for a Just war.

Any four from:

- The cause of the war is Just (resisting aggression or removing great injustice)
- The war is being fought by an authority of the united nations
- The intention is to restore peace
- It is the last option
- There is a reasonable chance of success
- It avoids killing civilians


Give two reasons why Christians believe in Just wars.

1. Romans 13 - Obey the orders of the government
2. "Give Caesar what is Caesar's"


What is Jihad?

The struggle


Give four rules for when Muslims fight a war.

1. Must be the last option
2. Civilians must not be attacked
3. It must end as soon as enemies lay down their arms
4. It must be authorised and led by a Muslim authority


Do all religions think that bullying is wrong?



Why do Christians feel it's their duty to bring reconciliation between families and friends? (4 marks)

1. Jesus died on the cross for your sins to be forgiven
2. Jesus told Peter to forgive his brother 77 times
3. Apostle Paul said to live in peace
4. Jesus said if Christians do not forgive others then they will not forgive themselves.


Why do Muslims believe in reconciliation and forgiveness? (4 marks)

1. God is compassionate and merciful
2. Muslims must accept his mercy
3. The Qu'ran says Muslims should forgive people for their sins
4. Prophet Muhammad said to forgive


Define World peace

The aim of the united nations by removing causes of war


Define Nuclear weapons

Weapons based on atomic fission or fusion


Define weapons of mass destruction

Non nuclear weapons that can destroy large areas or people


Define bullying

Intimidating/frightening people weaker than yourself


Define forgiveness

The act of stopping the blaming of someone and/ or pardoning them of what they did wrong.


Define Reconciliation

Bring together people who are opposed to eachother