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What does Article 9 of the Declaration of Human Rights 1998 state?

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscious and religion


What does Article 9 include?

1. The freedom to change their belief or religion
2. The freedom to worship either alone or in with public
3. Freedom not to be obstructed by others in following out their faith


Why are there limitations to freedoms?

To ensure public safety
To keep public order
Not to offend public morals
Not to infringe the freedom of others


Are people allowed to dress how they like in the UK?



What limitations are there to dress?

You are allowed to dress however you like as long as it does not infringe the laws of public decency


Are you allowed to wear religious dress?

Yes, you are allowed to wear religious dress which reflects and is part of your religion/culture


Are students allowed to be excused in order to worship?

They are allowed to be excused for worship and go elsewhere at the beginning or the end of the school day


What have Christian groups stated they had been subjected to?

More stringent application of rules restricting religion in their public sphere


Why is there public concern?

As people are fearful of the ability of Christians being able to express their faith in the workplace


What have members of the Muslim complained about?

The police have targeted them disproportionately for suspicion, arrest and "Stop-and-search"


What did the Muslim community and human rights activists criticise?

The 28-day detention powers for terrorism suspects