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What religion is reflected?

Both Buddhism and Christianity


What are the characters in the story looking for?

The "One" who will free them from slavery just as Jesus and Moses had done in the Biblical story, Jesus had saved humanity from their sins


Who is Neo a close representation of?



Who is the character Trinity linked to?

The Holy Trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit


What do the characters have to do in order to free themselves from slavery?

They had to follow what would be a close representation of the Middle Way in Buddhism


What key teachings in Buddhism are closely referred to in the film?

Enlightenment and nirvana


Who was seen as unbeatable throughout the film?

Morpheus which leads us to believe he could be Jesus as he too was seen as unbeatable before and after his crucifixion and resurrection


What is the link between God and the Matrix?

The Matrix is everywhere and so is God


What do the characters believe is their goal throughout the film?

They believe their goal is freeing themselves from ignorance and craving in order to be freed from slavery of the mind


What do the characters feel about the world?

Something is wrong with the world however they cannot figure out which it is


What are the teachings in the film viewed as?

Coincidental as it was not supposed to be a religious film but rather an action, sci-fy based film


What are there references to?

Not believing in things you cannot see