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What effect can extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy have on cardiac electrical conduction? What can be done to minimize this risk?

1. The shock wave can reach the heart during re polarization and send the heart into a deadly arrhythmia
2. Electrical synchronization can be used, meaning that the surgeon times the shocks to land on the R wave


What is the MOA of Fenoldopam?

1. D1 agonist. Renal vasodilator that leads to naturesis and free water excretion


When undergoing a TURP, absorption of glycine containing irrigation solution can cause what?

Hyperammonemia leading to CNS disturbances


What are the electrolyte changes seen with SIADH?

1. Urine Na >20
2. Urine osmolarity > 100 mosm (usually 200-300)
3. FeNa > 1%
4. Dilutional hyponatremia
5. Low serum BUN and uric acid


What patients are at risk for steep trendelenburg and what surgery may be CI?

1. Patients with intracerebral aneurysms are at risk in the steep Tburg position
2. This position is often used with robotic prostatectomy


What is an absolute CI to shock wave lithotripsy?



What metabolic derangement can be seen with large amounts of transfused blood products? WhY?

1. Metabolic alkalosis
2. This is due to sodium citrate in the blood causing bicarb production


What measure can you use to detect imminent kidney damage?

Creatinine clearance


What are the lab values seen in pre renal AKI?

1. BuN/Cr > 20:1
2. FeNa< 1%