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Name five forms of renewable energy

- Wind
- Solar
- Biomass
- Geothermal
- Tidal


Describe solar energy and name the leading producers

Photovolactic cells convert sunlight to electricity
Japan, Germany and USA


What are the advantages of solar energy?

- Effective on small scale
- Easy to install and low maintenance
- Long lasting
- No greenhouse gas emissions


What are the disadvantages of solar energy?

- Dependent on climate and so no night generation
- Need a lot for large scale production
- High initial cost


Give an example of solar energy production

Mildura Solar Power Station in Australia to be the biggest in the world at a cost of $420 million for 45,000 homes and reduce emissions by 400k tonnes a year


Describe wind energy and name the leading producers

Turbines convert kinetic to mechanical energy to a generator for electricity
Germany, Spain and Germany


What are the advantages of wind energy?

- Effective large and small scale
- Agricultural land undisturbed
- Suitable for remote locations
- Cheap running cost
- No gas emissions


What are the disadvantages of wind energy?

- Eyesore and noisy
- Climate dependent
- Threat to birds
- High initial cost
- Public dispute


Give an example of wind energy?

By 2007, Germany had over 18,000 turbines producing 6% of electricity and employed 64,000


Describe biomass energy production

Organic mass with high energy potential


What are the advantages of biomass?

- Low technology and cheap
- Range of crops and waste products used
- Quick to grow
- Carbon neutral


What are the disadvantages of biomass?

- Needs large land areas that could be used for food
- Crops vulnerable to pests
- Harvesting and processing requires a lot of energy


Give an example of biomass

Brazil is leading producer of ethanol made by distilled sugar cane


Describe geothermal energy production

Natural heat from the crust heats water so the steam powers the turbine or hot water for central heating


What are the advantages of geothermal energy?

- Cheap
- Produces an abundance of energy
- Reliable
- Little environmental degradation


What are the disadvantages of geothermal energy?

- Only available in certain locations
- Releases sulphur for acid rain


Give an example of geothermal energy

USA has plants in Alaska, California, Hawaii and Navada producing 0.37% of electricity


Describe tidal energy

Most common method is building barrages across estuaries and bays with great tidal range when collected water is released it drives turbines


What are the advantages of tidal energy?

- Reliable
- Low running costs
- No air pollution


What are the disadvantages of tidal energy?

- Limited suitable sites
- Damage to estuary ecosystem
- Expensive construction


Give an example of tidal energy

Brittany has the largest barrage opened in 1966 generating 24 turbines but supplies only 0.02% of France's electricity


Give advantages of nuclear power

- Decrease in raw material use
- Uranium costs 20% of the cost of electricity generation
- Continuous energy production
- No greenhouse gas emissions


Give some disadvantages of nuclear power

- Transport use makes costs not much cheaper than fossil fuels
- Takes years for radioactivity to dissolve
- Health risk