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1 RM protocol

5-10 reps of 40-60% estimated 1RM
1 minute rest
3-5 reps of 60-80% estimated 1RM
Add small amount of weight
Attempt 1RM lift
Progressively add weight until it can only be lifted once
3-5 minutes between attempts


Muscular strength RM protocol

10 reps of 50% of estimated 3-8RM
10 reps of 60-80% of estimated 3-8RM
Add weight and attempt 3-8RM lift
3-5 minutes between sets


Muscular endurance RM protocol

15-20 reps of 50% estimated 15-20RM
15-20 reps of 60-80% estimated 15-20RM
Add weight and attempt 15-20RM