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Content Analysis

Content analysis is a method used to analyse qualitative data (non-numerical data). In its most common form it is a technique that allows a researcher to take qualitative data and to transform it into quantitative data (numerical data). The technique can be used for data in many different formats, for example interview transcripts, film, and audio recordings.


thematic anaylsis

Thematic analysis is a method for analysing qualitative data that involves identifying and reporting patterns within the material to be analysed. The material to be analysed might be a diary, TV advertisements, or interview transcripts.


content strengths

It is a reliable way to analyse qualitative data as the coding units are not open to interpretation and so are applied in the same way over time and with different researcher


content weaknesses

Causality cannot be established as it merely describes the data

As it only describes the data it cannot extract any deeper meaning or explanation for the data patterns arising.