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What does the filament lamp graph show in terms of resistance?

As the temperature of the filament increases the resistance increases creating a curve


In a diode , where does current flow?

Current will only flow through a diode in one direction. The diode has very high resistance in the opposite direction


What is the equation involving potential difference, current and resistance?

P.D = current X resistance

V = I X R


What is a diode?

A diode is a special device made from semiconductor material such as silicon.


What is a diode used for?

It is used to regulate the potential difference in circuits


What does a light emitting diode do ?

A light emitting diode (LED)emits a light when a current flows through it in the forward direction


Why are LEDs commonly used in lighting?

They use a much smaller current than other forms of lighting


What is a light dependent resistor "LDR" ?

And LDR is a resistor that is dependent on the intensity of light


How does the LDR work?

In bright light the resistance falls.
In darkness the resistance is highest.


What is a thermistor?

A thermistor is a temperature dependent resistor


How does a thermistor work?

In hot conditions the resistance drops.
In cool conditions the resistance goes up.


What are thermistors useful to make?

Temperature detectors such as a car engine temperature sensor


What are the units of resistance?



Write down the formula that links potential difference, work done and charge

P.d = work done \ charge


Give one use of a light dependent resistor LDR...

Automatic night lights
Outdoor lighting
Burglar detectors


What happens to the resistance of a thermistor as temperature increases?

It decreases


Explain why the resistance of a filament lamp increases as the temperature of the filament increases... (3)

As electrical charges flow through the filament some of the electrical energy is transferred into heat energy. This causes of the ions in the filament to vibrate more which makes it harder for the charges to move through the filament so the resistance increases.


Give one advantage of using LEDs instead of filament lamps

They use a smaller current


What are the three most important potential difference current graphs?

1) different resistors
2) filament lamp
3) diode