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What is respiration?

Respiration is the process in which energy is released from food


What does ATP consist of?

1 adenosine attachedto 3 inorganic phosphate (pi) in a chain like fashion


What is fermentation?

Respiration without oxygen


What happens in respiration without oxygen in animal cells

In the cytoplasm, pyruvate gets broken down into lactate and when oxygen is present, the reaction can be reversed and continue on as aerobic respiration


What happens in respiration without oxygen in plant and microbes

pyruvate is broken is broken down into ethanol and carbon dioxide and no energy is made. This reaction is irreversible


What is aerobic respiration

In the cytoplasm glucose is broken down into 2 pyruvate (this is called glycolysis) and 2ATP is made. In the mitochondria pyruvate is broken down into water, carbon dioxide and16 ATP