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How can we measure how much energy is in food?

Calorimeter or burning food under a test tube of water and calculate rise in temperature


What is some drawbacks in doing the setting on fie food experiment?

Not all heat energy from the burning food goes into the water. Some heats the test tube or goes into the air
Not all food is burned


What is respiration?

The process of releasing energy from food


How can you summarise aerobic respiration in a word equation?

glucose+oxygen ----> carbon dioxide+water+energy


What is the structure of ATP

1 adenosine group joined to 3 phopshate (pi)


What is ATP

a form of energy storage that can be released when needed


Examples of activities requiring ATP

cell division, muscle cell contraction, protein synthesis and transmission of nerve impluses


Describe aerobic respiration

starts in cytoplasm, glycolysis occurs (glucose broken down into 2 pyruvate) enzyme controlled reaction and 2 ATP made.
Mitochondira, enzyme controlled reaction break down pyruvate into carbon dioxide and water and makes lots of ATP


Fermentation in animal cells

Cytoplasm, glycolysis makes 2 pyruvate and 2 ATP. Pyruvate turns into lactate which can be turned back into pyruvate when oxygen is available


Fermentation in plants and mircrobes

Glycolysis, pyruvate turns into ethanol and carbon dioxide