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Azulene: Normal/ Normal to Dry/ Mature/ & Sensitive Skins.
Active ingredients- Azulene( soothing and anti inflammatory.
Saccharides: Glucose, Sucrose, and Fructose (humectant - hydrating)

Vitamin E Gel: Normal/Normal to Oily/ Oily / Acne Prone skins
Active ingredients: Vitamin E( healing, antioxidant , emollient.)
-Non drying foaming cleanser w its moisturizing agents. -Can use on body too.

Gycolic: Oily/ Oily Acne prone skins.
Harsh cleanser
good for PIH, Hormonal breakouts. Not for everyday of you have dry sensitive skin.
-AHAs -Algae extract



Lavender Hydrating Lotion:
All skin types. Great for sensitive, dehydrated, and mature skins. ACTIVE:
-Saccharides(Glucose Fructose& Sucrose- Humectant hydrating.
Aspartic Acid- conditioning, moisturizing.

Almond clarifying- Normal to oily/ oily/ acne prone. ACTIVE: Witch hazel( astringent, antiseptic)
Saccharides: humectant, hydrating
SD Alcohol 40- anti microbial astringent
Witch hazel and SD alcohol heal oily and acne prone skin. Antiseptic effect on skin.


Oil free moisterizer

Normal/Normal to Oily/Oily/Acne Prone
GEL consistency
Vitamin A,C,&E: antioxidants , important for regeneration of skin cells & anti aging
Azulene- anti inflammatory, smoothing, desensitizing.
-absorbs quick, doesn't clog pores. calming and soothing.
-Men can use to hydrate and great for freshly shaved skin.


Sensitivity Protection Cream

Normal to oily/ Normal/ Normal to dry/ dry
Hops(sedative, toning, and softening)
Octyl Methoxycinnamate- UVAs (aging rays)
Lavender(soothing, healing, balancing)


Microcare Replenish

Normal/Normal to Oily/ Oily/ Acne prone
Oil free& fragrance free
Vitamin A and E( antioxidant,regeneration of skin cells)
hydrates without clogging
UV protection


Sheer Moist

Normal/ Normal to oily/ Normal to dry
Retinal Palmitate(Vitamin A)- anti aging, proper regeneration of skin cells.
Wheat Germ Oil: Softening, protective
Sweet Almond Oil: protective, softening.
Retinol - more youthful appearance
Does contain nuts. Beware of allergies.


Mineral Complex Creme

Normal to dry skin/ prematurely aged.
-Combats visible signs of premature aging
-Improves appearance of sun damage
-Absorbs easily into skin, leaving skin dewy, radiant and hydrated.
-helps plump the skin out.
Allantoin: Repairs sun damage
Zinc: Improves cell turnover
Copper: syntheses of keratin and production of collagen


HydraSurge Creme

Normal/Normal to Dry/Dry/Mature/Dehydrated
Amino acids- Hydrolyzed Elastin&Silk keep skin firm.
Green Tea Extracts, Vitamin C, and Co EnzymeQ10 (super antioxidants strengthen the skin, help stabilize any free radical damage, preventing lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and UV damage.
Biogeny Sea Acid Complex: AHAs soft skin and replaces lost minerals.
Shea butter: nourishes
Retinol: cellular turnover: softer smoother complexion.
Sodium Hyaluronate: continous moisturization and helps replenish 1000 times more moisture to the skin.
Benefits: locks in moisture, strengthens, protects against free radical damage.


HydraSurge Serum

Indicated for superficial dehydration/ aging.
AHAs: refines texture and hydrates
Amino acids peptides: skin firm and youthful.
Sodium Hyaluronate: super hydrater: helps replenish 1000 more moisture to the skin.

Moisturizing and humectant leave skin moist an supple


Mineral Complex Serum

Normal/dehydrated/dry skin

Copper, Zinc, Magnesium- increases skins elasticity , tightens sagging skin, and improves texture and tone.
Hydrolyzed soy, Elastin, Collagen, Vitamins CE, B5 And Hyaloronic Acid: enhances skins protection barrier and natural tissue process.
White, Red, Green Tea extracts, Goji Berry, Pomegranate, grape seed: neutralize free radicals protects from toxins and combats premature aging.

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