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Steam Benefits

-Softens Skin
-Disinfects/ antiseptic effect on skin- ozone
-Increases and Activates circulation
-Easier Extraction
-Product penetration
-beneficial for sinus congestion ...relaxing
-Detoxifying through perspiration


High Frequency Benefits


Stimulates circulation to bring nutrients and oxygen to surface and eliminate toxins.

Deeply disinfects through violet light

Aids in healing process

Aids in product penetration


Argon Gas Benefits

For all skin types. Indicated for Oily/Acne Prone. **AFTER EXTRACTIONS. **

Changes chemistry in blood
Stimulates the activity of body cells
Increases elimination of waste products
Restores nutrition where needed
Stimulates circulation to improve the flow of blood and lymph.


Neon Gas Benefits

Dry/ Sensitive skin types, product penetration.

-Produces a soothing and beneficial type of heat, which penetrates for some distance into the tissue.
-Dilates blood vessels in the skin, increases blood flow.
-Increases metabolism and chemical changes within skin tissues.
Increases production of perspiration of oil on the skin.
-Relieves pain.
-Deeper product penetration of products.


Contraindications of high frequency

Pregnancy, Epileptic, and pacemaker.
Never use high frequency with a product that contains alcohol causes sparking.