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a stick of coloured wax or chalk that children use to draw pictures

кольоровий олівець

cray‧on [countable]


1 a thin paper cover in which you put and send a letter


an en‧ve‧lope [countable]

envelopes and stamps

She tore open the envelope and frantically read the letter.

He got a job stuffing envelopes (=filling them with letters) at the campaign headquarters.


1 _________ order/situation/process etc

the opposite order etc to what is usual or to what has just been stated

2 the _________side
the back of something


reverse [only before noun], adjective

1 The results were read out in reverse order (=with the worst first and the best last).


1 opposite
the _______

quite/just/precisely/exactly the opposite

the exact opposite of what has just been mentioned

2 in _______
in the opposite way to normal or to the previous situation [↪ vice versa

3 go into _______/put something into _______

to start to happen or to make something happen in the opposite way

4 car [uncountable]
the position of the gears in a vehicle that makes it go backwards

5 defeat [countable] formal a defeat or a problem that delays your plans [= setback

6 other side [singular]
the less important side or the back of an object that has two sides

зворотний бік


1 the reverse

I didn't mean to insult her - quite the reverse (=in fact, I meant to praise her).

I owe you nothing. If anything, the reverse is true (=you owe me).

2 in reverse

US video recorders cannot play European tapes, and the same applies in reverse.

3 go into reverse/put something into reverse

The incident threatened to put the peace process into reverse.

4 into/in reverse
Put the car into reverse.

5 defeat [countable] formal
Losing the Senate vote was a serious reverse for the President.

6 other side [singular]

on the reverse
The British ten-pence coin has a lion on the reverse


to draw shapes, lines, or patterns without really thinking about what you are doing

verb машинально малювати
noun закарлючка

doo‧dle / dudl / verb [ intransitive ]

Brad was doodling on a sheet of paper.

— doodle noun [ countable ]


positive and making you feel that good things will happen OPP downbeat

up‧beat / ʌpbit / adjective

an upbeat message


1 admit
to admit or accept that something is true or that a situation exists

2 recognize sth’s importance [ usually passive ]
if people _____________ something, they recognize how good or important it is

3 accept sb’s authority
to accept that someone or something has authority over people

4 thank
to publicly announce that you are grateful for the help that someone has given you

5 show you notice somebody
to show someone that you have noticed them or heard what they have said

6 say you have received something
to let someone know that you have received something from them

виявляти вдячність
висловлювати подяку

ac‧knowl‧edge S3 W3 AC / əknɒlɪdʒ $ -nɑ- / verb [ transitive ]

1 The family acknowledge the need for change.

acknowledge that
He acknowledges that when he’s tired he gets bad-tempered.
Claire acknowledged that she was guilty.
The government must acknowledge what is happening and do something about it.
‘Maybe you are right,’ she acknowledged.
This is a fact that most smokers readily acknowledge .

2 acknowledge something as something
The film festival is acknowledged as an event of international importance.

be widely/generally acknowledged to be something
The mill produces what is widely acknowledged to be the finest wool in the world.

3 Both defendants refused to acknowledge the authority of the court.

acknowledge somebody as something
Many of the poor acknowledged him as their spiritual leader.

4 We wish to acknowledge the support of the university.

5 Tom acknowledged her presence by a brief glance.

6 I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter.


1 [ countable ] the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on someone or something

2 [ uncountable and countable ] the force of one object hitting another

3 on ____ at the moment when one thing hits


im‧pact 1 S3 W2 AC / ɪmpækt / noun

1 impact on/upon
We need to assess the impact on climate change.

major/significant/profound etc impact
Higher mortgage rates have already had a major impact on spending.

impact of
an international meeting to consider the environmental impacts of global warming ► Do not say ‘cause an impact’ on something. Say have an impact on something.

2The force of the impact knocked the breath out of her.

3 on impact
The plane’s wing was damaged on impact.


1 to start doing or dealing with something, especially something that needs a lot of time and effort

2 literary to attack someone by hitting and kicking them

set about something/somebody phrasal verb

1 A team of volunteers set about the task with determination.

set about doing something
How do senior managers set about making these decisions?

2 They set about him with their fists.


to persuade someone to do something or go somewhere, usually by offering them something that they want

en‧tice / ɪntaɪs / verb [ transitive ]

entice into/away/from etc
The birds were enticed back into Britain 40 years ago.
entice somebody/something to do something
Our special offers are intended to entice people to buy.

— enticement noun [ uncountable and countable ]