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Where is the River Teme located?

Rises in the Kerry Hills in Mid-Wales.
Passing through;
Joins the River Severn in Worcester


What is the catchment of the River Teme like and how does this effect the river?

Water quality in the lower reaches of the catchment is affected by diffuse pollution, mainly by nutrients and sediment.
Winter = a lot of surface flow
Land use changed = more run off easier flooding


Why is there frequent flooding in the River Teme

Through climate change, annual rainfall could increase significantly, along with dramatic storm events and flooding.
Land use change = storage worsen


Can the River Teme provide a sustainable water supply?

River Clun SAC and the River Teme SSSI
The Environment Agency limit the volume of water abstracted so abstraction must stop during low flow periods.


How have humans impacted the River Teme catchment's ability to store water?

Natural features, such as meanders, floodplain meadows, woodland and in-river deadwood all help slow the movement of water helping to retain the natural hydromorphology of the catchment. Over many years the catchment has dramatically changed through land use and management, affecting its ability to store water and increasing the rate of rainfall run off in to the rivers and streams.


Explain a sustainable human development on the River Teme.

Using Horseshoe Weir to generate electricity.
Sharenergy £300,000 scheme
30kw turbine would be installed next to Ludford Mill.