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What does a single broken white line along the centre of the road mean?

Alert drivers to danger and must not be crossed unless safe to do so.


What does a continuous white line along the centre of the road signify?

All traffic must keep to the left. Must not cross.


On what occasions can you cross a continuous white line?

1) In an emergency and for access
2) When directed to do so by a guard


Are you allowed to park opposite a continuous white line?



Where there is a continuous and a broken white line along the centre of the road, which one do you obey?

One nearest the driver.


What does two broken white lines along the centre of the road indicate?

Alert drivers to continuous lines ahead. Must not be crossed unless safe.


Where would you see a broken yellow line?

Edge of carriageway where hard shoulder is provided.


What road markings accompany a "No Entry" sign?

A continuous and broken line - also words "No Entry"


What does the white zig zag line at zebra crossings mean?

No overtaking, No parking