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You can stop in a yellow box junction ONLY when....

You are turning right


Where 2 cars are turning into the same road from opposite directions, one turning left and the other right, who has priority?

Car turning left


Who has priority at a junction of equal importance?

TrTraffic coming from the right


Who has priority on a roundabout?

Traffic on the roadabout.


When can you overtake on the left or on the inside?

1) When traffic is moving more slowly in the lane to you right.
2) When driver ahead has moved out and indicated his intention to turn right.


What are the rules regarding bus lanes?

1) Normal bus lanes are reserved for public & private buses and taxis
2) Contra flow (against traffic) reserved for public buses only


On what occasions should you give way to pedestrians?

1) Already crossing at junction
2) On Zebra crossing
3) On pelican crossing with red or flashing amber lights


Where should you not overtake?

1) Where view ahead is restricted.
2) Zig Zag lines at pedestrian lights
3) Road markings (continuous lines etc)


How far should you be following behind the vehicle in front on a dry and wet road?

Dry - 2 seconds
Wet - 4 seconds


When/Where should you dip you headlights?

1) Behind a car
2) Meeting a car
3) Built up areas or special speed limit areas
4) Roads lit from above (street lights)
5) Poor visibility, fog/rain etc
6) To avoid inconvenience to others


What would you do if you became dazzled?

Slow down and stop if necessary/