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Quote for

Committed lover

"Thou canst teach me to forget"


Quote for

Has premonition of untimely death

"My mind misgives/
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars,"


Quote for


"My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To touch that rough touch with a tender kiss,"


Quote for

Can't leave Juliet

"Can I go forward when my heart is here?
Turn back, dull earth and find thy centre out,"


Quote for

Appreciation of Juliet's beauty

"It is the east and Juliet is the sun,"

"Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven"


Quote for

Swearing his love to Juliet

"Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear
That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops,"


Quote for

Wanting to stay with Juliet for just a few more minutes, even while risking death

"My life were better ended by their hate,
Than death prolonged wanting of thy love,"


Quote for

Hastings to get married

"We met, we wooed, and made exchange of vow
I'll tell thee as we pass, but this I pray,
That thou concert to marry us to-day,"


Quote for

Positive affect of love on Romeo, joking

M:"I will bite thee by the ear for that jest,"
R:"Nay, good goose, bite not,"


Quote for

Juliet's love making him soft

"O sweet Juliet
Thy beauty hath made me effeminate,"


Quote for

Becoming a pacifist

"Hold Tybalt!Good Mercutio!"


Quote for

Prepared to give his life to avenge Mercutio

"Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him,"


Quote for

Romeo is hysterical to be banished

"Ha banishment? Be merciful, say 'death',"


Quote for

Romeo is hysterical about not being able to see Juliet anymore

"And every cat and dog,
And little mouse, every unworthy thing
Live her in heaven and may look on her,
But Romeo may not,"


Quote for

Romeo is emotionally weak and doesn't think of Juliet

(F.L. quote)

"Hold thy desperate hand:
Art thou a man? Thy form cries out thou art:
Thy tears are womanish,"


Quote for

Wants to be alone when he kills himself by his wife

"What e'er thou hear'st or see'st, stand all aloof,
And do not interrupt me in my course,"


Quote for:

Basking in Juliet's beauty for the last time

"Ah dear Juliet
Why art thou yet so fair?"


Quote for

Melodramatic, hopeless romantic

"Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs,"