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How might a novel be inspiring?

-main character admirable, good person
-evil was overcome
-good rewarded
-feeling of hope at the end
-inspiring theme
-uplifting message
-made me think about things in a different way
-obstacles overcome


How might a novel be atmospheric?

-tension-ous atmosphere
-descriptions create atmosphere
-interesting setting
-easy to visualise


How might a novel be dissapointing?

-an unsatisfactory ending
-characters not credible
-events not realistic
-actions far-fetched
-could find characters actions/true personalities to be flawed


How might a novel be gripping?

-atmosphere of tension from the start
-description holds attention
-well paced novel, never boring


How might a novel be revealing?

-different way of life
-learned something new
-the complexity of human beings
-shows the resilience/weakness of individuals


How may a flawed AND perfect character be interesting?

-physical/moral strength/weakness
-more realistic--> more interesting
-actions come from strength/weakness
-relationships can reveal strengths/weakness
-key moments->reveal strengths/weakness
-overcoming obstacles, or not


How can a title be well chosen?

-strong connection between plot and title
-title was intriguing
-relates to character/aspect of their life
-title is a symbol/image
-title relates to theme
-the title is initially confusing, but later becomesclear


Words/aspects to describe a short story you have studied