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What is Rostow’s Modernisation Theory?

How a country goes through different stages of development through time


How many stages are there?



What type of jobs are in stage 1) the traditional society?

Primary jobs where people agricultural farming is the most important industry and people have to work hard for little money (everything is basic)


What is subsistence farming?

Where people farm to feed themselves


What type of jobs are in stage 2) preconditions to take off?

Many in primary sector, some in secondary sector


What happens in stage 2?

Transport improves so trade can begin but primary industries still dominate


What type of jobs are in stage 3) take off?

Mainly secondary jobs as industrialisation begins


What happens in stage 3?

Rural urban migration occurs, cities are wealthier in rural areas and the country can sell things like machinery rather than basic goods


What type of jobs are in stage 4) the drive to maturity?

Mainly secondary but tertiary starts to grow


What happens in stage 4?

Standards of living rise, technology is used more and economic growth spreads


What type of jobs are in stage 5) high mass consumption?

Mainly tertiary jobs


What happens in stage 5?

People can afford consumer goods and services and standards of living are good with good healthcare and education


Give some criticism of Rostow’s theory

-it is outdated (1960)
-Model assumes all countries start off with
the same e.g climate, resources e.c.t
-model doesn’t show development of counties at the expense of others