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What are the benefits of being a parent.

If you see your child doing something for the first time it makes you feel proud.
Parents love their children and when you see someone that you love it makes you feel good.
For parents who like being around other people having children means you usually have company.
Children keep you active and staying active is healthy for everyone.
You can go and see children's movies that you would want to watch but it would feel awkward without having children there.


What are drawbacks to being a parent.

If you have a baby you don't get a lot of sleep.
Children cost money and it becomes expensive as they get older.
When children join clubs you have to drive them everywhere.
You have to get bigger cars.
If you lose your children you get worried.


What is a baptismal font used for?

It holds the water used to baptise babies.


Where is it usually positioned within the church?

It is usually found at the entrance to the church.


Why is the baptismal font found near the entrance to the church?

It symbolises the belief that a person enters the Christian family through baptism.


In Christian baptism, how many times is the baby sprinkled with water?

Three times.


What does the symbolism of a baby being sprinkled with water 3 times represent?

The forgiveness of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


What role do godparents play in the service of Christian baptism?

They speak on behalf of the child!!


In Christianity, what is the service called when someone is confirmed?

The service of confirmation.


In Christianity, if a person has been baptised as a baby, why do they need to be confirmed as a young adult?

As a baby they didn't have a choice about being baptised. confirmation confirms that are agreeing to the beliefs of the Christian faith.