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Followers of Martin Luther were known as Lutherans or.......

Protestants because they protested against the church.


Define 'reformation'

Great change


Name 2 other reformers other than Martin Luther.

Thomas More
Erasmus of Rotterdam
Girolamo Savonarola


What happened to ML in 1483?

ML went to the university of Erfurt and decided to become a monk.


What did ML do in 1517?

ML nailed a list called the 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg church.


What did ML do in 1520?

He burnt a letter that he had received from the pope telling ML to either retract his criticisms of the church that he had expressed in the 95 thesis or be excommunicated.


What happened to ML in 1521?

He was summoned to the court (Diet) at Worms.


What did ML do in 1525?

He married Catherine con Bora (and had 6 children)


When did ML die?

In 1546


When the Emporor Charles V ordered ML to go home and stop preaching how did ML respond?

He went home and translated the New Testament into German and wrote hymns in German.


Define 'indulgences'

The church promoted the idea that you could spend less time in Purgatory by giving money to the church. (They 'sold' forgiveness)


Why did so many ordinary people not know much about the beliefs of the church they attended?

The bible and songs were in Latin and ordinary people did not understand Latin.