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What were the sailors doing when they went to different parts of the word.

They were selling English goods or buying thing for England or both


When Queen Elizabeth was on the throne what did English sailors do?

They went on daring voyages to different parts of the new word.


Who was one of the most famous sailers in Elisabeth's reign?

Sir Francis Drake.


What were ships called and were did they leave from?

They were called pelican, Benedict, marigold, swan and Elizabeth and they left From Plymouth.


What was the first town drake raided?

It was Valparaiso.


What did drake do to the golden hind before sailing across the Pacific?

Reprovisioned and rested before sailing home.


What happen just after they left England?

All 5 of the ships back for repairs.


Before entering the Straits of Magelan.

He reanaimed his ship