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What is rubisco

A very slow enzyme (though there is lots)


What is the problem with rubisco

Very slow
Will bind to oxygen if CO2 concentration decreases or if O2 increases

When it binds with oxygen, creates a useless molecule for cell

Recovery long, takes ATP and produces CO2


What is the opposite of what rubisco is supposed to do

Bond with oxygen and create CO2


Is photorespiration good or bad


Waste of cell resources


C4 plants have two types of photosynthetic cells. What are they

Bundle-sheath cells surrounding a vein (where Calvin cycle occurs)

Mesophyll cells around the bundle-sheath cells (barrier for oxygen)


Give an example of C4 plants

Sugar cane, corn


What is the strategy of C4 plants

To keep CO2 high to compete with photorespiration (outcompete oxygen)


CAM plants do the opposite of regular plants. What is the difference

Open stomata at night and close them during day


What happens to CO2 in CAM plants during night

CO2 is converted to 4c, stored in vacuole before releasing CO2 throughout the day

Helps conserve water but prevents CO2 from entering leaves throughout day