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What does this symbol mean?

Biohazard: the container may contain harmful, contagious or infectious organisms.


{Symbol: A burning fire}

What does this symbol mean?

Flammable: The substance or its fumes catch fire easily if it is near heat, flames or sparks. Rags used with this product may begin to burn on their own.


{two test tubes spilling a liquid on a hand and a piece of wood, leaving a hole in them}

What dos this symbol mean?

Corrosive: This substance will corrode things it comes into contact with


{a shell seeming o explode, emitting explosion lines}

What does this symbol mean?

Explosive: Can explode. Flying pieces of metal or plastic from the container may cause serious injury.


What are three rules you should follow to keep safe in the lab?

-Wear your hair up
-never touch equipment unless asked to
-never eat or drink in a science lab
-don't run in the lab
-tuck shirts and ties in
-don't distract other people if they're performing an experiment
-keep in mind the hazard symbols on chemicals or substances you're using


{An X / cross shape}

What does this symbol mean?

Irritant/ Harmful: This substance, if in contact with the skin or eyes, can harm or irritate if left untreated.


{Symbol: A Skull, with crossed bones at the back}

What does this symbol mean?

Toxic - If you swallow, lick, or in some cases breath in the chemical, you will get very sick or die


{a dying fish, wrecked trees}

What does this symbol mean?

Harmful to the environment: this substance could be harmful to the environment


{Symbol: An O shape with a fire burning on it}

What does this symbol mean?

Oxidising: A chemical that attacks metal or that burns and destroys living tissue like skin, lungs or the stomach when it touches it.