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Searches made during work hours as a result of a bomb threat should be made by:

Employees familiar with the work area where bomb is reportedly located


A cooperative organization of industrial firms, business firms, and similar organizations within an industrial community that are united by a voluntary agreement to assist each other by providing materials, equipment and personnel needed to ensure effective industrial disaster control during emergencies is called:

Mutual Aid Association


Which of the following procedures should not be advocated as part of emergency planning?
a) Emergency plan should be in writing
b) Emergency plan should be revised as needed
c) Distribution should be limited to senior management
d) Plan should be tested through practice

Distribution should be limited to senior management


The greatest single destroyer of property is:



Responsibility for shutdown of machines in the plant as a result of disaster should be assigned to:

The persons familiar with the shutdown process


In the event the media makes contact as a result of a crisis situation, they should:

Be put in touch with person designated as the emergency plan for orderly release of information


Which of the following does not fit into good emergency planning?
a) An individual should be appointed as coordinator
b) Plan should be in writing
c) Plan should be simple
d) A new organization should be developed to handle emergency situations

A new organization should be developed to handle emergency situations


The ionization fire detector warns of fire by responding to:

Invisible products of combustion emitted by fire at its earliest stages


The fire detector which responds to a predetermined temeperature or to an increase in temperature is known as:

Thermal detector


The fire detector which responds to changes or interruption in the light source is known as:

The photoelectric smoke detector


After a bomb threat is made and a suspicious object is found during search, it should be:

Reported immediately to designated authorities


The removal of any suspected bomb should be done by:

Professional bomb-disposal personnel


Which of the following is not suggested behavior for the victim of kidnapping?
a) Stay calm
b) Do not cooperate with captors
c) Do not try to escape unless good chance of success
d) Try to remember events

Do not cooperate with captors


In connection with corporate kidnappings with terrorists, the decision as to whether ransom to be paid should be made by:

Highest corporate level


Which of the following should not be applicable to the development of an effective emergency disaster plan?
a) Plan should be written
b) It should involve the minimum number of people possible in the preparation of the plan
c) It should contain an inventory of available resources
d) It should list preventative measures

It should involve the minimum number of people possible in the preparation of the plan


Earthquake emergency plans should stress that the safest place during a quake is:

Within work area under preselected cover


In a strike, the refusal by management to allow members of the bargaining unit on the premises is called:

A lockout


At the time of a strike, if no guard force is available, the following action should be taken:

Mobilize supervisory personnel into a patrol group


In a labor dispute, which of the following measures is not advisable?
a) Change all perimeter gate padlocks
b) Issue special passes to non-striking employees
c) Notify employees who go to work to keep windows rolled up
d) Armed guards

Armed guards


Usually the most difficult part of an Executive Protection Plan is:

To convince the executive being protected on the need for such protection


Which of the following is not recommended action with regard to survival of earthquakes?
a) If ouside, immediately go inside
b) Keep calm
c) Douse all fires
d) Keep away from utility wires

If outside, immediately go inside


Off all reported bomb threats, it is estimated that the percentage of real threats is:

2-5 percent


A full evacuation of a building should be ordered upon receipt of a bomb threat when:

The caller is credible and a suspcious object is located.