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Borders of scapular region

Sup: Horizontal line between acromion of scapula and spinous process of T1 vertebra

Inf: horizontal line between inferior scapular angle and posterior axillary fold.

Medial: Midline of trunk
Lateral: Oblique line connecting Acromion with lateral end of inferior boundary.


Skin innervation of dorsal scapular region

Dorsal rami of spinal nerves => dorsal cutaneous branches of C6-T6


Layers of dorsal scapular region:

1) Skin
2) Subcutaneous tissue (adipose tissue)( + cutaneous n's)
3)Fascia of superficial muscles
4) Trapezius + spinal part of Deltoid m.
5) supra- and infra- spinatus muscles
6) supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres major+minor, latissimus dorsi, levator scapulae, Rhomboid major+minor (and serratus posterior superior?)
7) Deep back muscles


vessels and nerves of scapular region

-Accessory nerve
-Supra scapular nerve
-Axillary nerve
-Dorsal scapular nerve
-Tranverse cervical a (give dorsal scapular a)
-Supracapular artery
-Posterior circumflex humeral artery
-Doral scapular artery


Rete of scapula

is a system connecting certain subclavian artery branches and their corresponding axillary artery branches, forming a circulatory anastomosis around the scapula.
Allows blood to flow past the joint in case of occlusion, damage, or pinching of the following scapular arteries:

-Transverse cervical artery
-Dorsal scapular artery (the anastomosing branch of the -
transverse cervical)
-Suprascapular artery
-Branches of subscapular artery
-Branches of thoracic aorta


Which neurovascular structures are found below trapezius muscle and levator scapulae on specimen?

-Accessory nerve and transverse cervical a. ( earlier name of supracapular a?)


where can we find the dorsal scapular n and the deep branch of transverse cervical a (dorsal scapular a)?

below: levator scapulae, rhomboids and
On top of: erector truncim?


Explain the path of suprascapular artery and nerve in this region

-The nerve passes below superior transverse scapular ligament and the artery passes above it
-Both of them pass below the inferior transverse scapular ligament


which artery does the suprascapular a anastomose with?

circumflex scapular a, to form rete of scapula


Triangular space

-sup: teres minor
-Inf: teres major
-lat: long head of triceps

-circumflex scapular a


Quadrangular space

-sup: teres minor
-Inf: teres major
Medial: long head of triceps
Lateral: Humerus
-posterior circumflex humeral a
-Axillary nerve


Levator scapulae

O: transverse processes of C1-C4
I: superior angle of scapula
Innervation: Dorssal scapular n ( from superior root of brachial plexus (C5))
Blood supply: Tranverce cervical a(supracapular) + acending cervical a (both branches of thyrocervical trunk of subclavian)


Action of levator scapulae

-Incline neck toward same side
-Draws scapula medially and upwards while moving inferior angle medially -> thus returns raised arm to 0 degrees


Rhomboid minor

O: Spinous process of C6-7 (or C7-T1) source
I:Medial border of scapula above, or below scapular spine (depending on source)
innervation: dorsal scapular n


Action of rhomboid minor

-Stabilisation of scapula
-draws scapula medially and upwards (internal rotation) thus return arm to 0degree position.


Rhomboid Major

O: spinous process of T1-T4 (or T2-T5)
I: medial margin of scapula below scapular spine
Action: same as minor
Innervation: dorsal scapular n
arterial: Dorsal scapular a.