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Scots Ballad

Sung in: Scottish
Tempo: Moderato
Scots ballad usually tells the story of a historical event, disaster or a supernatural happening. Often very long and easy listening


Bothy Ballad

Sung in: Scottish
Tempo: N/A
Sung by men. Traditionally unaccompanied. These songs were mainly humorous, often about their work, their poor living conditions and being a farmer


Waulking Songs

Sung in: Gaelic
Always sung by women. Unaccompanied except for a steady beat. Call and response/ question and answer


Mouth Music

Sung in: Gaelic
Tempo: Allegro
Imitate instruments and the words are made up and don't make sense


Gaelic Psalms

Sung in: Gaelic
Unaccompanied and no beat. Sounds like hymns