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What are the main different types of media industries?

- Film

- Television and radio

- Video games

- Print and publishing

- Web and online technologies

- Music


What are the different types of media companies?

- Conglomerates

- Independent companies

- Public Service ownership


What is a conglomerate?

A conglomerate is a large organisation that is made up of a number of different businesses.

Many of highest know companies are part of a conglomerate such as Sky which is actually a subsidiary of the broadcasting conglomerate 21st Century Fox.


What is a Conglomerate structure?

They exist in conglomerate companies.

A conglomerate structure is where one overall parent company owns a number of smaller companies called subsidiaries.
Each subsidiary runs independently.


What is an independent company?

Independent companies are not associated with any other organisation and usually work on one specific media type.
They usually work with other companies on joint venture projects.


What is a joint venture?

A joint venture is when a media company works with another company on a project that is mutually beneficial for both parties.



What are the two elements of distribution?

1. How a product or brand reaches an audience.

2. How it is marketed and promoted.


Public service ownership

What is a public service broadcaster?

A public service broadcaster is a company that delivers services beneficial to the public interest.

This type of company offers products and services that go beyond just entertainment to inform, educate and widen participation.

Largest UK public service broadcaster is the BBC.


What are the two main ways in which media companies operate?

1. Vertical integration.

2. Horizontal integration.


What does cross-media mean?

Cross media is when a conglomerate produces more then one type of media.


What is Vertical integration?

Vertical integration is where a media company has the ability to control the production, distribution and in some cases exchange of a product.

It is also know as the value chain.


What is horizontal integration?

Horizontal integration is when a media company utilises the assets of its subsidiary companies to support the marketing process of a major product or brand.


Cross media ownership
What is cross media ownership?

Media cross-ownership is the common ownership of multiple media sources by a single person or corporate entity.


What is synergy?

Synergy is the interaction / cooperation of two or more organisations to produce a product or service greater and better then they would be able to great on their own.