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What did Hippocrates recognize the difference between

endemic and epidemic


What is a endemic

restricted or peculiar to a locality or region


What is a epidemic

affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time


What is the Elizabeth Poor Act

Poor law defined "poor" and services that they would receive
-either outdoor relief or indoor relief
-developed in 17th century after feudal collapse to deal with crowded cities, pauperism, and general increase in poor population.


What was outdoor relief in the Poor Act

poor left in own homes and given "dole"


What was indoor relief in the Poor Act

poor taken to almshouse, sick to hospital, orphans to orphanage, Idle poor went to workhouses.


Who developed the Bill of Mortality

-John Graunt


What did John Graunt do in the Bills of Mortality

-First demographer to keep vital stats
-keep records of diseases and deaths per week
-rolls used to estimate population of london for first time


What are vital statistics

recording the birth and death of individuals within a governments jurisdiction


What were the effects of urbanization during the industrial revolution

conditions in streets were deplorable. waste was thrown into the streets, hogs fed on garbage in street.
-The general stench in the air was akin to that of Jim's ass.


What were workhouses

place for those to old to support themselves
-Oliver Twist was used to bring publics attention to workhouse conditions, child labor and other shiz.


When was the first sanitary legislation enacted in England



Who was Edwin (Big Eddie) Chadwick

Wrote "Report on an Inquiry into the Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population of Great Britain"
-Lead to the establishment of General Board of Health in 1848
-Called for improvements in sanitation and hygiene


Who is Florence Nightingale

Kody's name when nursing.
-1845 entered nursing profession in response to a paupers death in a workhouse that became a scandal
-major contributions in 1854 Crimean War-treated 2,000 patients
-1859 established Nightingale School of Nursing