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What are the names of your province and region, and what are the names of the active collegiate chapters, alumni chapters, and colonies in your region?

Northeastern Province, New England
Gamma Chapter-Boston University
Gamma Upsilon Chapter-Babson College
Theta Iota Chapter-UCONN
Lambda Tau Chapter-Bentley University
Nu Sigma Chapter-Roger Williams University
Xi Phi Chapter-UMASS Boston
Xi Psi Chapter-Bryant University
Pi Rho-UMASS Amherst
Boston Alumni Chapter


Who appoints the District Director? Name your District Director

The Regional Vice President.
Gary Perez and Nick Steinkrauss


Name your Chapter Advisor. Who may serve asa Chapter Advisor and how is he or she elected?

Daniel Boyd.
Elected by the regional chapter, reported to the Central Office. Must be a faculty initiate of the Fraternity or a member of the school's faculty or administration.


Name at least six services provided, and/or publications produced, by the Fraternity's Central Office staff.

1. Keeps all Fraternity membership records
2. Maintains mailing lists
3. Issues certificates and cards of membership
4. Purchases and distributes chapter supplies and jewelry
5. Edits and publishes The Deltasig, online communications, manuals, and forms
6. Serves as custodian of all Fraternity funds and archives
7. Administers the Chapter Management Program (CMP)
8. Arranges for the Grand Chapter Congress, LEAD events, and other meetings
9. Visits and supervises collegiate and alumni chapters
10. Represents the Fraternity within the Professional Fraternity Association


What is the Chapter Management Program? What are the three levels a chapter can achieve? What level is every chapter expected to achieve?

program managed online through the Deltasig Hub, a method of formal communication between collegiate chapters and the national Fraternity
1. Recruitment, Membership, Finances (required)
2. Professional and Service Programs
3. Leadership Development


To whom is the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key awarded?

the graduating senior in commerce, business administration, or economic who ranks the highest in each class (whether or not a Deltasig)


What is the difference between a LEAD school and LEAD Provincial Conference and why should you participate?

LEAD schools are scheduled across the country in October and November, one day, and include numerous educational sessions
LEAD Provincial Conferences are conducted annually for each province in February or March, 3 days, include educational sessions, a banquet, and a provincial council meeting


What is the national Fraternity's website address?


Explain the Educational and Leadership Consultant program in your own words.

a consultation visit from the Central Office Staff, include business meetings, training, and discussions about the chapter operations, chapter operating documents and reference materials are also discussed


How many collegiate chapters have been established and how many collegiate chapters are active today? How many alumni chapters are active today?

284 chapters
211 active
56 alumni


Write the Greek alphabet both in English and using the Greek letters.

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron PI Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega


What is the Greek letter of your chapter and on what date was it founded?

Sigma Omega
November 15, 2014