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Name up to five Deltasigs who are members of your school's faculty and/or staff as provided to you by your vice president-pledge education.

David Boyd


Approximately how many people have been initiated into the Fraternity since its founding?

over 250,000


Write the words to the chorus of the song "Rose of Deltasig"

Rose of Deltasig I love you,
Rose of Delta Sigma Pi
When the shades of night are falling
I dream of days gone by
As I go through life's long journey
Memories will never die
I will always hear you calling
Rose of Delta Sigma Pi


Write the correct abbreviation for a member of Delta Sigma Pi.



In your own words, what is the mission of the Delta Sigma Pu Leadership Foundation?

it is a separate corporate entity/charity designed to raise money for the Fraternity and to provide scholarships all throughout the country


Name five ways to support the Fraternity after graduation.

-attending activities at a local chapter
serve as a professional speaker or big brother
-attend LEAD events or Grand Chapter Congresses
-Assist RVP or other officers in your district


In your own words, define the ideal member.

An ideal member will represent the Fraternity in the best ways possible. Duties will be performed to the best of their ability. Members will always be respectful and sympathetic to other members and officials


In your own words, define the ideal chapter.

an ideal chapter should continually offer and sponsor professional, community service, fundraising, and social events. Each member should be enfranchised and comfortable with the chapter. Chapters should be well connected with the national fraternity.


What are five categories of the General Risk Management Policy?

A. Alcohol and Drugs
B. Statement on Hazing
C. Discrimination and Harassment
D. Chapter Houses and Meeting Facilities
E. Fraternity Events


Name six provisions, from any of the categories, of the Risk Management, Insurance, and Conduct Policy.

-at no time may alcohol be present at collegiate chapter business meetings or any Fraternity pledging or initiation ceremony
-Fraternity members will treat all people and property with care and respect
-members will follow all State and Federal laws and regulations and Fraternity laws, policies, and Ritual related to their duties, activities, and responsibilities
-The ownership of houses or other living, social or meeting quarters by chapters of DSP is prohibited
-Pledges cannot be required to plan any function or attend ant brother function on the day or evening preceding initiation day
-Discrimination against or harassment of any individual for reason of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, disability or veteran status is specifically prohibited


To whom does the Individual Code of Conduct and General Risk Management Policy apply?

all members of Delta Sigma Pi, faculty members, pledges, colony members, and employees


As defined in the Risk Management, Insurance, & Conduct Policy, what constitutes a "fraternity event"?

any event, activity, or situation sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by the chapter or colony, or any event a reasonable person would associate with the Fraternity