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What is intensive farming?

intensive farming is a system that uses methods to produce the highest possible yield


Give 4 examples of methods that can be used in intensive farming

1. Large mechanical equipment is used to save time and cut down on production costs
2. Artificial (chemical) fertilisers are added to the soil to supply nutrients for crops to grow
3. Pesticides are used. These are chemicals that control pests and protect crops and include insecticides, herbicides (weedkiller) and fungicides


Why are some people concerned about using artifical fertilisers and pesticides?

They can harm wildlife and damage the environment


What is organic farming?

It is a means of farming where food is grown naturally without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers


What are some methods of Organic farming

1. Organic matter like manure or compost
2. Crop rotation (growing different crops) and leaving land fallow (growing nothing) to make sure the soil is fertile every year
3. To combat pests, farmers may introduce a pests natural predator, use biological pesticides, or pray crops with hot water,


What are advantages of organic farming

1. It reduces the amount of chemical oesticides going onto the land, so it's less harmful to the environment
2. Fewer non-renewable resources are used than in intensive farming, so it's more sustainable
3. It appeals to consumers who are concerned about the use of artificial chemicals


What are disadvantages of organic farming?

1. It tends to produce a lower yield
2. higher production costs, so higher costs at supermarkets


What is a GM food?

A GM food is a food that had its genes altered to give it useful characteristics


What are advantages of GM foods?

1. Crops can be made to grow quicker
2 Producers can get higher yields of crops for the same amount of seed and fertiliser
3. This makes food cheaper to produce and therefore cheaper to buy
4. Crops can be altered to have a longer shelf life - so less food is wasted
5. Crops can be made to ripen earlier than normal, so fresh foods can be available for customers earlier in the year
6. Crops can be modified to contain extra nutrients which can improve nutrition in poor countries


What are disadvantages of GM foods?

1) They havent been around for long, so the long term effects are unknown
2) There are concerns that modified genes could get out into the wider environment and cause problems
3) GM producers can't sell their food everywhere, the EU restricts the import of some GM foods


What is trawling?

a method of fishing where boats catch fish using nets


How can we reduce waste?

1) Plan meals at the correct portions
2) Use up contents of food in the fridge before buying more
3) Donate unwanted food to food banks
4) Pay attention to use-by dates


Climate change can cause....

- droughts
- flooding


Give an example of primary processing in vegetables??

vegetables are washed with water to remove dirt


What is ultra heat treatment (milk)?

When milk is heated to at least 135 degrees for 1-4 seconds and packed in a sterile container so that the milk can last for several months


What is sterilisation (milk)?

When milk is put into a steam chamber for 110 degrees for 10-30 minutes


What is microfiltration? (milk)

When milk is forced through a memrbane to separate the milk from souring bacteria


What is fortification?

Adding nutrients to food


What are preservatives?

Additives that prevent bacteria from growing on food