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Name some Jim Crow laws

Black and whites went to different schools
Blacks couldn’t cut white women hair
Blacks and white couldn’t marry
Blacks had to sit at the back of the bus
Blacks wouldn’t shake whites hands


Name some tactics of the KKK

Lynch blacks from trees
Burn crosses on hillsides to scare blacks
Rape blacks to show their power
Came late at night to kidnap blacks
Wait at voting poles to beat blacks up
Mutilate black men


Why blacks moved north?

Better jobs
To escape poverty
Better pay
Not to live in fear of the KKK
Better education - no segregation
Blacks could use their vote
Discrimination of the Jim Crow Laws
Better housing


How many blacks moved north from 1910-1920



Why blacks weren’t welcome in the north?

Stealing jobs - long hours, low pay
Brought crime
Didn’t mix


Why race riots broke out in the north?

Competition over jobs
Competition over housing
Police siding with whites
Usually started as a small argument


Name the two big riots that broke out in the north?

East St.Louis Riot 1917
Chicago riot 1919


What happened in the East St Louis riot 1917?

Two white police officers were shot dead, a group of whites went into a black only city and attacked women, men and children. 50 blacks died.


What happened in the Chicago Riot 1919?

Black teens used a white only beach causing a 5 day riot. Black teen hit with stone and died but police wouldn’t arrest white man accused and blacks attacked police. 38 died and 537 seriously injured with large scale destruction.


Problems blacks faced in the north 1920-30?

Still lives in poverty in overcrowded ghettos
WASP’s blamed them for stealing jobs
Called strike breakers


What happened to Emmett Tills body?

Eyes were gouged out, head bashed with a bullet in it