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What helped the growth of the civil rights movement?

Brown vs Board 1954
Murder of Emett Till 1955
Montgomery bus boycott 1955
Little Rock 1957
Sit-ins 1960
Freedom Rides 1961
Project C, Birmingham 1963
March on Washington 1963
Selma March 1965


What does NAACP stand for?

National association of advanced coloured people


What does CORE stand for and what did they organised

Congress of racial equality and they organised the Freedom Rides


What does SNCC stand for and what did they organised?

Student non-violent co-ordinating and they organised the Sit-ins


How brown vs Board help the CRM 1954

Challenged the “Separate but Equal” 1896
Ended segregation in education


How the murder of Emett Till helped the CRM 1955

Gained publicity
Showed the legal system was biased
Northern American seen how blacks were treated in the south


How did the Montgomery Bus Boycott help the CRM? 1955

Showed blacks economic power
Gained publicity


How did Little Rock help the CRM? 1957

Gained publicity
Showed president Eisenhower was willing to step in and federalise the state troops


How did the Sit-ins help the CRM? 1960

Showed peaceful protesting worked
Showed blacks and whites could work together
Lunch counters were desegregated by summer of 1960


How the freedom riders helped the CRM? 1961

Gained publicity
Showed how blacks were treated even though what they were doing wasn’t illegal


How did Project C help towards the CRM? 1963

Nationals and international publicity
Toilets, changing rooms and other public facilities were desegregated in 90 days
Showed blacks economic power


How did the March on Washington help the CRM? 1963

Gained huge publicity
Largest civil rights demonstrations in US history


How did Selma help towards the CRM? 1965

Showed blacks and whites could work together
National publicity causes anger


What did the ‘C’ stand for in Project C?



What does SCLC stand for?

Southern Christian leadership conference