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Based on evidence from the 1851 census of religious worship, who estimates that in that year, 40% or more of the adult population of Britain attended church on Sunday's?



What do some sociologists claim about the 19th century?

That it was the 'golden age' of religiosity


Identify 5 major changes in religion in the uk since the 19th century

A decline in the proportion of the population going to church, an increase in the average age of churchgoers, fewer church weddings, decline in traditional Christian beliefs and a greater religious diversity


What does Bryan Wilson claim about Western societies?

He argued that Western societies had been undergoing a long-term process of secularisation


How does Bryan Wilson define secularisation?

He defined secularisation as the process whereby religious beliefs, practices and institutions lose social significance


What did the English Church census in 2006 reveal?

That attendance and membership of large religious organisations such as the Church of England and the Catholic Church have declined more than small organisations, some of which have remained stable or grown


Give evidence that church weddings are declining

In 1971, three fifths of weddings were in church, but by 2006 the proportion was only a third


What does evidence about religious beliefs from over 60 years of opinion polls and attitude surveys show?

More people claim they hold Christian beliefs than actually belong or go to church and religious belief is declining in line with the decline in church attendance and membership


What institution has begun to take over many of the functions that the church used to perform?

The state


What does Bruce predict if current trends continue?

That the Methodist church will fold around 2030 and that the Church of England will be merely a small voluntary organisation with a large amount of heritage property