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Engine failure above Vr (takeoff aborted)?

Pitch attitude- lower
Directional control- maintain
Throttles- as required
Airspeed- 88 kias
Landing gear down- land straight ahead
Engines- shutdown if necessary


Engine failure above Vr (takeoff continued)?

Directional control- maintain
Mixtures, props, throttles- full forward
Fuel selectors- on
Flaps- retracted
Landing gear- check up
Fuel pumps- on
Inop engine- identify
Throt, prop, mix- idle, feather, idle/cutoff
Establish bank- 2 to 3 degrees
Airspeed- 88 kias


Engine securing procedure?

Throt (inop eng)- idle
Prop (inop eng)- feather
Mix (inop eng)- idle/cutoff


Engine failure- flight (speed above Vmca)?

Inop engine- identify
Operative engine- adjust power as required
Airspeed- maintain at least 88 kias


Engine failure- flight (speed below Vmca)?

Rudder- apply against yaw
Throttles- retard
Pitch attitude- lower nose to accelerate above Vmca


Engine fire- start?

Starter- continue cranking
Mixture- idle/cutoff
Throttle- full open
Fuel selectors- off
Fuel pumps- off


Engine fire- flight?

(Affected engine):
Fuel selector- off
Throttle- idle
Propeller- feather
Mixture- idle/cutoff
Fuel pump- off
Cowl flaps- open


Engine failure below Vr (takeoff aborted)?

Throttles- idle
Brakes- as required
Engines- shutdown if necessary


Electrical fire- flight?

Flashlight at night- locate
Battery master switch- off
Alternator switches- off
Standby attitude indicator- standby power
All electrical switches- off
Radio master- off
Vents- closed
Cabin heat- off
Fire extinguisher- activate
All circuit breakers- pull, except battery


Spin recovery?

Throttles- idle
Rudder- full opposite to direction of rotation
Control wheel- full forward/ailerons neutral
Rudder- neutral (when rotation stops)
Control wheel- as required
Throttles- as required


Propeller overspeed?

Throttle- idle
Oil pressure- check
Propeller control- full decrease (set prop if there is any control)
Airspeed- reduce


Emergency exit?

Thermoplastic cover- remove
Emergency exit handle- pull forward
Window- push out


Autopilot malfunction?

Airplane control wheel- grasp firmly/regain aircraft control
AP DISC/TRIM INTER switch- press/hold
AP DISC/TRIM INTER switch- release while observing pitch trim wheel


Electric trim malfunction?

AP DISC/TRIM INTER switch- press/hold throughout recovery
Pitch trim circuit breaker- pull
Aircraft- retrim manually


Emergency descent?

Carburetor heat- on
Throttles- idle
Propellers- high rpm
Mixtures- rich
Landing gear- down
Bank- 45 degrees
Fuel pumps- on
Airspeed- do not exceed 140 kias
Rollout- pilot option


Abnormal: OEI Go-Around (should be avoided if at all possible)?

Mixture- full forward
Propeller control- full forward
Throttle- full forward smoothly
Flaps- retract slowly
Landing gear- retract
Airspeed- 88 kias
Trim- 2 to 3 degrees bank toward operative engine with approximately 1/2 ball slip indicated
Cowl flaps- as required