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What kinds of activities typify social work?

Pursue social justice for poor, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and oppressed people
Work in diverse settings
May find work rewarding, frustrating, satisfying, discouraging, stressful, and challenging
May work with voluntary and involuntary clients


What is the mission and purpose of social work?

-Enhance human well being
-Help to meet basic human needs
-Seek to empower vulnerable and oppressed populations
-Enhance quality of life for all people regardless of social position


Are social workers roles always clear cut?

-Often perform "dual" roles, which may not align
-Fostering self-determination
-Protecting community at large


Social workers respect the individual’s right to ______________ and to _______________________.

make independent decisions

Participate actively in the helping process


Social workers are committed to assisting client systems to ___________________.

obtain needed resources


Social workers strive to make ______ ________ more humane and responsive to human needs

social institutions


Social workers demonstrate __________ and _________ of the unique characteristics of diverse populations



What to remember when values conflict?

Be aware of your own values
Remain flexible, there are many means to achieving an end
Assert values within a professional forum
Maintain respect, dignity and the right to self-determination


Purpose of code of ethics?

Provides accountability of the profession to community, consumer, and practitioners
Safeguards the reputation of the profession
Furthers competent and responsible practice by members
Protects the public from exploitation by practitioners


Generalist practitioner?

Understands personal and environmental constructs required to promote human and social well being
Uses a range of prevention and intervention methods
Identifies with social work profession
Applies ethical principles
Incorporates diversity into practice
Advocates for human rights and social justice
Engages in research informed practice


Two concepts of ecological theory are _______ and _______.

habitat and niche


What is a habitat?

refers to the places where organisms live and in the case of humans, consists of the physical and social setting within the particular cultural contexts


Niche refers to

the statues or roles occupied by members of the community