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Give four ways in which hearing can be assesed

o Visual inspection
 Otoscope
o Audiographs
 Plot sensitivity against frequency
o Otoacoustic emission
o Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)


Give four causes of conductive hearing loss

 Blockage
 Ruptured tympanic membrane
 Fluid Accumulation (Otitis Media)
 Otosclerosis (progressive ossicles immobilisation)


Give three causes of sensory hearing loss

 Hair cell destruction (Physical, noise related)
 Hair cell death (Ototoxicity)
 Menieres disease (too much endolymph)


Give four causes of neural hearing loss

 Spiral Ganglion Damage (E.g. Acoustic neuroma)
 Tinnitus (Phantom, ringing sound)
 Auditory Neuropathy (associated with neonatal jaundice)
 Monayrak deafness destroys ability to localise a sound


What is your diagnosis in a pateint wil loss of balance, facial palsy and the loss of corneal reflex

acoustic neuroma (benign tumour of schwanna cells) at the cerebellopontine angle, due its dual compression of CN VIII and CN VII.