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What did Lahn and Page (1999) describe?

Looked at 19 genes on the Y with homologues on the X, found four major categories of gene based on divergence times, indicates four major inversions.


In D. melanogaster, markers were used to maintain chromosome 2 and 3 in males so there was no recombination. Male fitness after 35 generations was reduced, adult male survival = 2 days post-eclosion (emergence from pupa). Who found this?

Rice (1994)


In D. miranda, freak fusion of an autosome to Y created the neoY chromosome. This occurred about 1mya so is young enough to study degeneration. NeoY has fewer genes than neoX, shows lower gene expression than neoX, shows higher mutation accumulation rate than neoX. Who found this?

Bachtrog and Zhou (2012)