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Who found that, in male sticklebacks, the association between female preference and red colouration (Gpt) was 0.75?

Bakker (1993)


In North American birds, animals can suffer chronic blood infections by parasites. Handicap traits therefore indicate health. It was been found there is co-evolution between the host and parasite to maintain diversity of the handicap trait. Who found this?

Hamilton and Zuk (1982)


What is genic capture and who found it?

Rowe and Houle (1996)
Genic capture is when a trait is encoded by a large number of loci and therefore even small mutations have a substantial effect on phenotype.


What two things did Iwasa et al. (1991) argue cause biased mutation rate?

1. Exaggerated traits are at their physiological limits and mutations are more likely to be detrimental.

2. Complex traits evolve numerous interlinking pathways, and mutations are more likely to mess these up than enhance them.


Who put forward the Good-Parent Process?

Hoelzer (1989)


What did Egger et al. (2011) find about mouth-brooding cichlids?

They display orange egg-spots on their anal fins. This is to exploit female sensory preference for orange spots as they resemble cichlid eggs.


Who found that SAC drives dimorphism in water striders? What did they find?

Khila et al. (2012)
Males have hooks to grasp females in premating struggles, and without these appendages suffer reduced mating success


Who described the adaptations of female water striders to evade males?

Choe and Crespi (1997)

Females have evolved spikes, pads and genital shields