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What different types of love are there in Christianity?

Agape which is unconditional love for others. Eros which is erotic love. Philial love is brotherly/sisterly love.


What did the ancient philosopher Pythagoras believe?

That humans should abstain from the physical and that souls are imprisioned in the body and should be freed to make a new life form.


What is dualism?

The division between the spiritual and physical worlds.


How did the Ancient Greek Stoics see sex?

As an animal instinct which should be disregarded as sex is a loss of control.


Who were the Cyrenaics?

A group who celebrated physical pleasure as a supreme good.


How did the Israelites see sensual pleasure?

They saw it positively which was shown in the 'song of songs' when couples express erotic love.


What did Adrian Thatcher write a book about?

His book included research on marriage and how cohabitation is increasing in our secular society.


Roger Cook outlined 3 important forces for change in family, what were they?

1. Changing Status of women
2. Development of contraception allowing family planning
3. Deeper understanding of sexuality


Jesus did not marry but what occasion could be used an example of him for marriage?

The first recorded miracle was at a wedding.


St Paul recommended what?

Celibacy but did mention it isn't for all.


St Augustin saw sex as what?

A sin unless was used for reproduction, "go forth and multiply".


Erasmus praised marriage which contrasted from celibacy, why?

Marriage as a natural state while celibacy is an unnatural state.


Rosemary Radford Ruether argues that Christian traditions are...

Not in support of women's equal dignity/status.


Who denied women possess the image of God?

St Augustine, he thought men had superiority over women. Ruether argues this is why only men can be priests.


How did St Paul see same-sex acts?

Negatively, as this was humans "disregarding their bodies".


What did Kate Saunders and Peter Stanford point out?

But Jesus doesn't actually talk about homosexuals but others use terms like 'backyard mongrels' which fuelled intolerance.


Who outlined that Christians listen to quotes on the immorality of homosexuals but are ignorant of quotes regarding beheadings and types of materials that shouldn't be worn together?

This is how Moore explains how Christians 'pick and chose' what to value in terms of convenience.