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what are the arguments for premarital sex?

1 its an individuals choice when they have sex and only affects the individuals involved
2 marriage has become less important in today's society
3 there can be loving, committed and stable relationships outside of marriage
4 it's not illegal and is a common occurrence
5 religious teaching is not relevant to atheists or agnostics


what are the arguments against premarital sex?

1 it increases the risk and spread of sexually transmitted diseases
2 judeo-christian and islamic traditions condemn it as it's immoral for scriptural reasons - sex within marriage is best for harmonious society, child rearing and for the exclusive union of a married couple
3 there can be psychological or emotional problems from having sex outside truly committed relationships
4 it risks pregnancy in environments that are not a stable family unit


sexual ethics - adultery?

adultery is sex with someone who is not your married partner e.g. extramarital sex. adultery is quite widely condemned in both religious and secular ethics as an act that is contrary to the values of fidelity, trust and loyalty. it often causes emotional distress for all involved including any children of the married couple and can lead to divorce or separation.

adultery can also refer to sex that takes place after a married couple have separated, there is more ethical discussion about whether sex in this situation is right or wrong. some people claim that individuals have the right to find a new partner after the marriage has broken down, while others stress that loyalty and fidelity to ones married partner should remain. certain cultures including some christian and muslim tradition, accept polygamy although most see marriage as an exclusive bond between two people.


what is the christian view of sexual ethics (adultery and sex)?

Christians traditionally condemns extra and premarital sex as it's considered to be against the will of god and contrary to the need for self control against physical desires.
sex is also considered to be fundamental to the binding contract of marriage.
sexual relations are therefore intended to take place solely within marriage.
in the NT jesus does not say much about sexual ethics. however paul emphasises the spiritual value of celibacy.
the catholic church today emphasises the importance of sex exclusively within marriage.
modern evangelical christian groups have also promoted abstinence until marriage.
however not all christian's hold this traditional view of sex. while the church of england still encourages sex within marriage it also now accepts couples in a long term relationship cohabitation having sex as a step in the pathway to marriage.
many liberal protestants accept loving couples having sex before marriage, and some accept any consensual sexual relationships.


arguments for contraception?

1 it allows family planning and for couples to limit the size of their family
2 it prevents unwanted pregnancies
3 it's recognises the purpose of sex as an important part of relationships and fulfilling emotional and physical desires apart from purposes of procreation
4 it reduces risk and spread of sexually transmitted diseases


arguments against contraception?

1 denominations within the judeo-christian and islamic traditions condemn it
2 encourages promiscuous relationships as there is not risk of pregnancy
3 primary and natural purpose of having sex is procreation not pleasure


christian view of contraception?

there is no explicit mention of contraception in the bible except when god said 'be fruitful and increase in number'
today the catholic church condemns contraception although it does allow the rhythm method
in contrast the church of england states that contraception is morally permissible and is not contrary to the will of God. they argue it's a couples conscious decision to decide on the number and frequency of children they have


same sex relationships?

homosexuality was decriminalised in the U.K. in 1967 and in 2004 homosexual couples were legally able to form civil partnerships.
despite religious opposition homosexual couples were allowed to get married as of march 2014. however some christian MPs voted against the move considering marriage to be between a man and a woman.


arguments for same sex relationships?

1 individuals should be allowed to live whoever they wish
2 consenting adults can engage in sexual activities of their choice
3 any discrimination is against an individuals human right to equality and fair treatment


arguments against same sex relationships?

1 secular and biological reasons deem it unnatural
2 it cannot result in procreation
3 marriage is intended to be between a man and a woman


the christian view of same sex relationships?

until quite recently all christian denominations condemned homosexuality although jesus said nothing about it.
the views of the catholic church are particularly influenced by the thinking of Aquinas on natural moral law and the view that homosexuality is unnatural as it cannot lead to procreation however they believe homosexuals should not be discriminated against and should be helped in getting over their disorder.
the church of england believes while homosexuality is not as desirable as heterosexuality, homosexuals should not be discriminated against in anyway but accept that that is the way god made them.


mills harm principle?

mills principle says that as long as nobody is getting hurt people should be allowed to pursue whatever they wish eg homosexuality