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SDG 3 - mental health and wellbeing

achieving universal health coverage will reduce the financial stressors of worrying about paying for essential health services.


SDG 3 - physical health and wellbeing

With reduced water borne AND communicable diseases, there is an absence of disease and illness which improves immune systems and allows the body to function effectively.


SDG 3 - emotional health and wellbeing

When individuals are able to overcome illness and disease due to medical intervention and health promotion which is seen in goal 3, they are more likely to be able to manage and recover from unfortunate situations in the future with a sense of resilience and optimism.


SDG 3 - social health and wellbeing

with reduced rates of infant and child mortality and disease, children are in better health to be able to attend school and develop social networks and participate in their communities.


SDG 3 - spiritual health and wellbeing

with reduced rate of malaria -> more engaged/involved in many things -> sense of belonging, greater purpose in life which promotes greater level of health.


Universal Health Coverage

achieving a universal health coverage will mean people can access the health services they need without spending large amount of money, allowing them to live a decent standard of living.